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About  Panacea


Okinawa island west coast, Onna village.

Blue sea which goes clear everywhere and mountains of green.

It is still a place to leave the figure of nature, Standing quietly as sea breeze, 8 rooms in space.

“ La Casa Panacea Okinawa Resort ”

Casa is meaning a "home" in Spanish

Panacea stands for Greek myth, which means "the goddess who controls healing"


Let's spend time in La Casa Panacea, like "another house" in Okinawa, relaxing time that has been forgotten for a while away from everyday life.


I'm home…We would like to be an inn you can return home.


Please enjoy a calm journey with the flow of the spacious time unique to a small hotel.

Hotel Overview

La Casa Panacea Okinawa Resort

1355-1, Afuso, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan, 904-0402

Map Code 206 286 676 *65 ( Google Map )



8 Rooms


Reception Lobby & Library, Restaurant, Shop, Outdoor Pool, Low temperature dry sauna, Laundry corner



Our reception service available from 7:00-20:00, the last check-in time will be 19:30 and the check-out will be after 7:00.

Please understand our situation and thank you very much for your cooperation.

Credit Card



Inquiries concerning reservation and availability are also accepted by phone or e-mail.


Telephone reception available time at 9:00~15:00

For inquiries by e-mail from here.

 (Move to inquiry mail form)


8 rooms will pick you up with different facial expressions.

Please forget your everyday life and spend a private holiday to relax yourself for a momentarily relaxing time.


Natural bath amenity "PROVINCIA" that concept color made light and nature of the Provence region of Southern France.

100% fragrance of plant ingredients born from high quality organic materials and natural essential oils.

The fragrance of lavender and almond gently wraps around the resort stay.

Room Amenities

Bath towel, face towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, body towel, hair brush, toothpaste set, shower cap, cotton swab, razor, pajamas, disposal slippers, shoeshine paper, LCD TV (32 inches), Humidified air purifier, Refrigerator, Electric pot, Hair dryer, in room Safe

Rental Items

Iron & ironing board, nail clipper, sewing set

※ There is a laundry corner where you can use washing machine and gas dryer for free.

※ For all guest rooms, you can use the Internet via Wi-Fi connection with your personal computer and mobile terminal.


Restaurant La Terraza

Operation hour 7:00AM〜9:30AM (Last order 9:00)

A full-fledged Continental cuisine accompanied by the unique atmosphere of Okinawa

"La Terraza" is a restaurant with a name meaning terrace in Spanish

A moment when you enjoy your meal while watching the clear blue sea, the horizon all the way.

Enjoy chef's favorite daily breakfast as well as a view from the terrace where the atmosphere of the private resort.

Outdoor Pool

Taste the feeling of openness from the bottom of your mind when the shine of the sun rushes down, entrusts yourself to the breeze from the sea, and leisurely plays with water.

Season : Late April to the end of October

※Normal temperature water

Open hour 9:00AM~7:00PM

※Operation hours change according to weather and season. Please understand in advance.

Depth of pool : Max 130cm(There is a kids zone with a depth of about 25cm)

· Children under elementary school age should swim with parents.

· Please note that the life guard is not in the pool.

· Customers with tattoos should wear rash guards or T-shirts, etc.

Dry Sauna

Dry sauna to heal your tired body from inside

The low-temperature sauna of about 75 degrees relieves stiff shoulder stiffness and muscle fatigue by promoting blood circulation. In addition, there is also the effect of improving natural healing power by calorie consumption by consumption of perspiration, excretion of waste products, activation of metabolism.

Open hour 9:00AM〜7:00PM

※Operation hours change according to weather and season. Please understand in advance.

· You will be wearing swimsuits when you use dry sauna.


Open hour 10:00AM〜6:30PM

「 Lagrimas=Tears in Spanish 」

Pearl reminiscent of tears stylishly appeared.

People are happy, sad, inspiring, shedding tears ...

In Lagrimas, we want to heal your heart together with you at any time.

Depending on your needs, casual elegance and pearls that will shine you every day are available. Why do not you find your favorite.


Yoga & Pilates

■ Yoga

In accordance with your breathing, you will gently stretch your body.

You take an effective pose for the recovery of your mind and body, guide extra waste matter accumulated by your daily exercise shortage and stress, slowly unraveling the stiff heart and body, to a deep relaxing state.

■ Pilates

We will train the inner muscles which is the axis of your body.

Resetting the distortion of the body that comes from your daily life will eliminate tension, poor circulation, and nerve fatigue.

In addition, it is a program with high shape-up effect by working up to the pelvic floor muscle group and visceral muscle in the deep layer by breathing.


-Hotel Guest-

Group session (2 or more people): JPY3,000 per person

Private session: JPY 4,500 per person

* The above consumption tax will be added separately.

-Outside Guest-

Group session (2 or more people): JPY3,500 per person

Private session: JPY 5,000 per person

* The above consumption tax will be added separately.


· We will accept by advance reservation and ask your wish and adjust the opening date and time.

· Please refrain from customers who are pregnant or have the possibility of pregnancy.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation charge will occur from 21 days before the check in day and will be charged as below.

In case of cancellation of transportation due to various circumstances such as typhoon, cancellation policy is not applied.

・No notice of cancellation receives or failed to show up: 100% of total accommodation charges

・On the day of the check-in date: 100% of total accommodation charges

・A day to 3 days prior to the check-in date: 80% of total accommodation charges

・4 to 7 days prior to the check-in date: 50% of total accommodation charges

・8 to 21 days prior to the check-in date: 30% of total accommodation charges

Because it is a small hotel with only 8 rooms, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel or your changes.

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